Very inspiring blogger award



A huge thank you to Pia Valentin for nominating my blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger award . I must say it was a very pleasant surprise and the thought that someone out there might find my writing inspiring, is humbling, to say the least. So again, Pia, I’m honored.  Please visit her wonderful blog to read her eloquent poetry and to know more about her.


Rules for this award:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 7 nominees.


7 things about me:

1. Music changed the course of my life, my thoughts. My journey into the creative world started with music, and it holds me together, on good days, and bad nights.

2. I love films. Every kind. The medium fascinates me. It combines poetry, pictures, literature,music and so much into one platform.

3. I love dogs. I feel closer to animals than people, but dogs in particular. They know how to love selflessly, something we can never do.

4. I hate convention. The conventional life with a 9-5 job, a loving wife and two kids – that’s what puts  me off the most, a life like any other.

5. All my idols are either dead or fictional – Howard Roark, Alexander supertramp, Stanley Kubrick,

James Herriot, Robert Frost, to name a few.

6. I dream of travelling through the world, experiencing new cultures, with only my thoughts and an unending road, like a real supertramp, perhaps that’s where the name comes from.

7.  I am afraid of heights and water, both, something I’d like to change.


My nominations are:

1. Pasupatidasi’s Blog.

2. Elya Filler’s Blog

3. Aquatic poetry

4. K. McGee-poetry

5. Dragon’s Dreams

6. Bucket List Publications

7. Sunny Rhea





19 thoughts on “Very inspiring blogger award

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your 7 things. Although I am more of a “cat-person”, I can totally see your points about dogs. So you like Kubrick, hm? Just a guess, but do you also like David Lynch a lot? # 6 – you sound like Kerouac…lol # 7 – you know there is only one real way to get over both of those fears, right? (confronting them may well be the bravest thing you ever do, but completely worth it! Good luck with that, btw. You can DOOO EEET!) 😉

    • The pleasure is all mine, dragonkatet! I love David Lynch and his films! Good guess. 😀
      It’s an honor to be compared to Kerouac, but the man is an icon! I think he’s also been a huge influence in my outlook towards life.
      And I plan to face my fears very soon! After all, it’s the fear of fear itself that paralyzes you. Like Jim Morrison said, Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

      Cheers! Much love.

  2. To anyone, sounding like Kerouac is a compliment in my book. So you should be happy, Supertramp! Also, about conformity. Not to sound erudite, but I guessed as much, you probably know why. I also feel the same way, btw. Also, Frost! I LOVE him! He’s beyond brilliant. Also about point 6, dyu like traveling alone? I ask because I totally love it.

    • Thank you surabhi! I think it’s humbling to be compared to him. Conformity, yes. You know why it puts me off. I guess I don’t like my life planned, mundane and spread out like a predictable story. I’d like it to be exciting, full of new experiences, and I want to dedicate it to the arts, to creating, and to creation.
      Yes, I love travelling alone, I’m a loner like that. 😀

      • Haha I love it too. So serene. Kinda like the lying-in-bed-sorta thing. I hate predictability too. Hate! Dyu read Kerouac waise? His style fascinates me. He writes like he’s running, and I feel like I’m running with him. Very awesome.

  3. you know whats freaky..your 7 things about yourself could be 7 things about me. I don’t know If i should be disappointed that I am like any other or feel happy that I found an Enantiomer

    • I’d like to think the fact that I have been conventional at some point in my life has turned me away to a different path- the path of the arts, of music, literature and films. And i find it to be much more fulfilling – the unconventional road of indulging, fighting for your passion, a meaning to your existence. So no, I’m not falling for the conventional path anymore. 😀

      • Well good for you then. Because I have discovered through experience that a life lived just for the sake of something slowly becomes a trap. Your very choices, the one’s that were supposed to free you eventually end up trapping you. So, live well and live for your sake alone. Be guided by your instinct and let your heart lead you through the abyss of time. Best of luck with that!

  4. i am not sure how or where i am supposed to post the seven things about myself..and the seven people i find inspiring…maybe someone can tell me this? and thanks for the nomination…i really want to follow through so please let me know how i do this

  5. Hi Supertramp.
    It’s such a sweet gesture that you’ve nominated me and the other bloggers. That you find the blogs inspiring is nice, since through words we’re able to create imagery with no limits.
    So, thank you for this nomination, Peace. Malene

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