Requiem for a dog.



In introduction to this post, I would just like to say- James Herriot and Miss Stubs, you were right.

I should have pocketed some mud off from that garden; I would’ve at least remembered how you smelt. I know I promised to visit every year today, but I never did. It was hard. Now I’m sitting in a room as big as loneliness, with a heart that’s shrunk to the size of a teardrop. The most terrible thing about terrible feelings is that they fade away with time. Now I have to look at a photograph to remember how your face looked.  Touches and smells have been replaced by carpets and nicotine. My memory, it’s a jumbled up wonderland. Sometimes I wake up clutching the pillow, sure that you’d be there. I look under the rug, inside my guitars and even behind the aquarium..before I can convince myself to be 23 again. I watched a film long before you came into my life –  it said that if you dive into the ocean deep enough, you will come across the department of lost & found of the universe, guarded by mermaids and centaurs. I never found you after you limped out into my front yard. Too bad I can’t swim. Now I just walk up to the rock where the two rivers meet and pretend you’re in the line separating the greys from the blues, space from time, dreams from memories- and it is there I find you, in lost moments. For a long time I contemplated if you had a spirit, a soul. Now, I know. You’re something better, an afterglow. I know for certain, love exists, because you did. How can I explain all this madness inside my head otherwise?


8 thoughts on “Requiem for a dog.

  1. I remember the James Herriot stories, too! They were so wonderful, and filled me with hope that there are still people out there who care very much about the fate of animals. I do believe that animals have souls. I have seen too many instances of animal emotions to think otherwise. This was a sad, but heartfelt write! I like the idea of the universe’s lost and found. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you do dragonkatet! He was one of my favorite authors..As a child I remember reading his Yorkshire stories and it was only when I grew up and read them all over again did I realize the depth and love with which they had been written. God is Near, Miss Stubs- that’s the one which convinced me.

    The department of lost and found? I’ve been searching it for a while. Let me know if you come across it. : )


  3. Big, big stuff seeing through the veil. The marvel is how you scoop it all out and lay it before us to read. You wed emotion with moment and wrap it in imagery sublime. Keep those eyes open and that pen a’writin’ .

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