Sarojini Nagar Blues.


Does this sadness have a name?
Seeping through your lavender curls,
disappearing between the crevasses
when our fingers lock,
humming in the background in
a song of memories,
shimmering on the edges
when we spin under our
chandelier of dreamcatchers,
slowly leading the waltz of promises,
to a leap of faith,
smiling through the contrails,
when I’m freefalling in an ocean of solitude,
embracing me with the intimacy
of a buried romance,
and then finally settling in
the whirlpool where,
gin meets ice.
Does this sadness have a name?


Image credits- Leonid Afremov. See more of his work at


8 thoughts on “Sarojini Nagar Blues.

  1. Sorry it’s taken me ages to play catch up and finally get here. This piece is interesting, supertramp. The picture has such warm, inviting colors, yet the title has the word “Blues” in it. The poem starts off with sadness, and then starts from heights and descends into the depths almost effortlessly. I had to read it several times to understand that it was about reminiscence and reverie. The use of present tense threw me (I know, I read things too literally) but it was a nice surprise when I recognized and realized what you had done with it. Well done. 🙂

    • Thank you so much dragonkatet; you’re always so kind. While writing this, I felt such contradictory feelings- something about memories, which is so bittersweet. The best I could do was summarize it in a slow waltz, beautiful while it lasts,heartbreaking as it ends.

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