Salogra (सलोगड़ा )











I passed sunlight through my window,
warm and brilliant,
on my face.
then darkness in a tunnel,
short but everlasting,
under my eyes.
Above, planets and mountains,
stretching with delight,
So barefoot,
I trudged forward,
on a road of seasoned leaves,
through the trail of insolent quietness.
only to find boundaries and fences,
defeated by momentum.
Up ahead,
Twenty two long years
And a tree of thorns awaited,
blooming in isolation.
I stood still,
when it finally rained,
And noticed the wilderness,
saddened by discipline.
I walked on,
to men and women,
and their umbrellas,
sneering, always sneering.


2 thoughts on “Salogra (सलोगड़ा )

  1. Hmmm…not sure how this makes me feel. You provide a way to feel both uplifted and depressed in this, so perhaps a bit of both, which is true to how life works. Do you bloom in isolation? Some do. 🙂

    • That’s exactly how I felt in that train journey from which this little piece is inspired.First uplifted, then depressed when it came to an end. I do enjoy isolation, but there are always downsides to being a loner. You can’t exist as an island, forever.

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