In flames.

{ When I first posted this piece on facebook, it drew heavy criticism with people saying it tried to venture into a lot of conflicting themes- death, life and the eternal fire to live it, promises to people gone by, promises to self. To me, it was merely, a note to self. Hanif Kureishi says in a book I read recently, ย “Perhaps the most terrible thing about terrible feelings is that they go away after a while.” ย This was a testimonial to my darkest days, a reminder, that the fire must burn on. The fire to create, to fight, to seize your life, no matter what the circumstances are. }

In flames.

Let’s talk straight, I say.
It’s time to face your demons, love.

The hand will soon fit the father’s glove
The beard will brush the floor.
And breasts and strawberry lips
No longer feed the desire of
your heart’s fire,

And perhaps, the fire was born
of a funeral pyre,
Once ignited, forever ablaze
of a friend, a brother who died
in your arms yesterday,

And yesterday,
You were walking in your sleep,
Following a river downstream,
into his placid eyes on the other side,
You Promised to change the world,
for all it was worth.
to feed the fire all that it desired,
your hair and skin, sweat and blood,
you promised to sacrifice.

But tonight there was a storm,
the words were lost,
the fire was gone.
And Amidst the thundering skies,
and the blackest night,
the shimmering moonlight on the river,
seemed brighter to your frightened eyes.

It’s true, Promises are only promises,
For all they are worth,
But that fire, was the fire
of a funeral pyre,
never subdued, forever ablaze,
Yesterday, you had a dream,
Tonight, a nightmare,

Perhaps, tomorrow you’ll be awake,
forever alive, forever ablaze.


11 thoughts on “In flames.

  1. Not being judgemental here, but i think those who criticized probably didnt get it…all these things are but part of the bigger picture…absolutely lovely piece of writing, I must say…keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

      • On that note, may I add something that slipped my mind last time? Your exploration of words is indeed interesting, sometimes it could use a little texture, little rawness…

  2. Firstly, let me say that everyone’s a critic (especially on Facebook). Constructive criticism is great WHEN there isn’t an ego attached to it (again, especially on Facebook – consider the medium)…lol. ๐Ÿ™‚ Secondly, so what if you have conflicting themes? It’s YOUR poem, do what you will and want with it. I can relate to a testament to darker times, if nothing else, as a reminder and to keep from re-living mistakes. I’m glad you don’t let the critics quench that inner fire, supertramp. P.S. LOVE that you put that Vonnegut quote at the end! It’s so apt!

    • Thank you for the kind comments dragonkatet! Criticism can be a bitter pill to swallow if it’s unfair. But thankfully, the inner fire to create, to write, far overcomes any harsh words. It’s the only thing that keeps us writers going! I’m glad you like the quote! It’s just so inspiring.

  3. Well, it’s better to push boundaries and lines than just to stare at them. You hit on a lot of stuff in this, and explore a time worn topic with freshness and ingenuity. That’s pretty great right there.

    Also, love the Vonnegut quote, and maybe it’s just me but where there some references to the Doors in there?

    Again, great work here. Keep writing, it’s all good.

    • Thank you for reading skyraftwanderer. Yes, I do explore a lot of themes in this one. But like some of my works on this blog, this one also primarily focuses on death, dealing with that inner fire to create art and growing up.
      I absolutely love the quote. I thought it fit very aptly with this little piece. It’s funny you should say that because right before I wrote this, I was reading The American Night. So maybe, Jim Morrison is a subconscious influence.


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