Tortured with the idea of hope

{ Another one from the hollows. ” Let’s just share memories, swap stories, talk about the damn weather – anything but torturing myself with the idea of hope ” The title is a tribute to one of my favorite TV shows of all times, Prison Break. And keeping up with the visuals, the  photograph below titled ” Crush ” is the work of a very talented friend, Suren Makkar. You can see more of his shine at  }

              The tube flashes, black and neon flashes,
the verdict appears in a moment of truth.
Lightning strikes. The fire. The rise.
The faithful , blinded with love , coloured red
In my head, embraced by an old monk , ive found
a lost faith , my lord could not provide.

Daughters of the lady luck , these four bells ,
They refuse to ring for me, Do i even qualify?
for his promised love , for his eternal light?
faded like the walls of our high school church.
A lost jewel in a dead skull that has played its part.
We will still search. the eternal search. till death tears us apart.

for a reason. for an answer.
Searching for a life, a ringing lullaby.
the light ? Or just another way to be blind.
none of the dilusional hope.
the lust of victory or the heartbreak of defeat.
None of the empty promises to keep.
What can be better and what can be worse ?
free from the illusion ,
free from the circle.
the knowledge , the curse.

the white flag , my lord , is draped around my faith
Your child , my non existent father , takes his life today.


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