# 1 Heartbreak-The saga of Dr. E. Blackheart (2013- )

{ This one’s from the archives, the first of my Blackheart trilogy.. In a post apocalyptic scenario,  a dangerous alter ego of a man is born out of heartbreak and betrayal. I call him Dr. E Blackheart. The Artwork is by Tim Burton, one of my favorite artists, and comes pretty close to what I had visualized when I was writing this piece }

#Part 1- Heartbreak

Well blackheart, he staggers on the front porch
With the withered lilies and the silver ring
Through the keyhole he sees, he sees her sway

her perfect, luminous shape
her skirt on the diamond floor

And another man, another beast bares it’s teeth
and snarls in her ears, she opens her legs
and she croons, with her bee stung lips, the song he loves
Close your eyes doc, Open up
Run, Run, Run, Run, Run away

And she says she loves him so
And she’s never letting go
But that song still plays in his head
And she never means what she says

On her birthday, he takes her down to her favourite place
Under the moonlit oak trees right besides the red lake
He takes out the steel knife, she takes out the blueberry cake
says “Doc, why don’t you carve that out for me”
Gladly, he says
Gladly, he says

She thought she loved him so
That he was never meant to know
But sweet love, you thought so wrong
could’ve sung your lover any other song

And on some nights, he walks to the red lake, all alone
Slips on a silver ring and throws some lilies down below
He’s still got her clothes, and burns one everyday
Closes his eyes, opens her up
And then he runs, runs, runs, runs away
to her empty grave, it reads

” Thank you, Thank you love
The song makes so much more sense,
Through the keyhole.. “

– Your beloved, Dr. E. Blackheart (2013- )


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