Don’t stray near my coffee shop.

{ I’ve often wondered after an arduous day, while travelling in the metro\subway, what it is that turns your regular Joe into a serial killer. The answers are all right there- That cranky, pompous man who refuses to apologize for stepping on your injured foot. Or that sad woman with her annoying kids who keep belting out nursery rhymes at the top of their voices. Or perhaps, the whole working class crowd as one single, living, breathing organism whose primary motive in life is to refuse you your seating space after a long, tiring day. This is written perhaps, in that frame of mind in a different setting and is one of three pieces in ” the killer is me ” trilogy.  The painting is a very famous work titled ” The Scream ” by Edvard Munch. Enjoy! }

All of you liberals,
Thinkers and Aristocrats,
Dressed up in black and                                                                                     
chardonnay in your hands

I wish to set your hair on fire,
and light up this cold night.

Sons of Tycoons,
And daughters of free women.
There’s hashish in your curls.
And E under your tongues.

I wish to examine your veins.
And see the color of your liberty.

And all of you cavemen,
virile beasts of the night.
with steroid pumped eyes,
And a pick up from the last red light.

I wish to open your heads
And watch your corpses copulate.

My dear blood, friends and society
I am smoking a cigarette.
Don’t stray near my coffee shop, today.
Borrow my lighter,
And You might ignite a holocaust.


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