” Dev “

Newspaper Blackout is an art and a form of poetry made by redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker.  So instead of starting with a blank page, I’ve grabbed today’s Hindu, a permanent marker and eliminated the words I don’t need. This is my first tryst with newspaper blackout poetry, my unique tribute to one of the biggest legends of Hindi cinema.

p.s : Click on the picture  to enlarge.


Puffing a cigarette
he passed a summer
he was awake.
he passed conversations of chaos, violence and death,
to an evening in the same spirit
his (many) loves swooning,
now appeared a shadow of his former self
he passed nostalgia
memories of living.


If you guys liked\appreciate this, please share!   And find more newspaper blackout poems from around the world at http://newspaperblackout.com/.


4 thoughts on “” Dev “

  1. And tina, thank you so much for the encouragement. My primary aim through this blog is to experiment with verse incorporating different art forms. Keep writing, keep reading, keep the poetry alive.

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